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For vistors or people living abroad in Japan KOKURYO TATAMI SHOP
Tatami is an important fabric of Japanese culture and everyday life. Our family run company has solely worked in the tatami industry for over 80 years.  We see that having tatami in your home influences your life in so many unforeseen ways: whether it is relaxing having tea, lying down to sleep or sitting to read, the pleasant texture of its surface is a comforting experience.
Nowadays, you can choose from a variety of different types of tatami. There is the traditional, natural tatami, which is made with igusa (straw), the paper type of tatami, as well as a plastic type.  And with these different types come many colour choices.
Before choosing which type of tatami you like, you should consider where you will be using it. In the past we had a customer from Germany who had lived in Japan for over four years and had become very fond of Tatami.  They came to the decision that they would bring some back to their home in Germany. They looked at the three choices on offer, taking their lifestyle and home into consideration before coming up with a final decision. They since have told us that they were very happy with their final choice, and the time spent looking at what was on offer was invaluable. From seeing this process with our customers we came to the decision to build a show room, allowing people to come and fully experience the tatami.
Please come to the Kokuryo Tatami showroom to the find a tatami that best suits your lifestyle.